A little about me

Trisha Novak, LMSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I grew up not far from the picturesque shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. These beautiful shores have always been the place where I go to seek stillness. The rhythmic lull of the water lapping up on the shore, the vast expanse of the water, and the endless horizon ahead have the uncanny ability to evoke a deep


A little about my practice

Still Shores Counseling

I know life can be unpredictable and hard. Things rarely go to plan. We all need space to process the hard stuff in life, whether it be the intricacies of relationships, the sting of disappointments, things we have done, or things done to us.

We all deserve a space where our experiences and the emotions they carry can be honored. A safe space where your emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations can be embraced and, then when you are ready, a place where we collaboratively design interventions to help you reach your personal goals. A way to move forward through the shifting sands of life.

Compassionate and Experienced Therapist

Confidential and Non-judgmental Environment

Evidence Based Treatment Modalities

Waves of life crashing against you?

If the waves of life are crashing against you and you need a safe shore, I would be honored to walk alongside as you navigate the next steps on your journey toward growth, transformation, and healing.